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Welcome to the Master's of Intellectual Property Law ("M.I.P.L."), India's only online Master's programme in intellectual property law.

Key highlights of the programme:

  • Two-year comprehensive Master's programme with introduction and expertise-building in intellectual property laws and processes (including Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Geographical Indications, and Trade Secrets)
  • Designed for professionals/graduates from diverse areas
  • Easy to understand course material backed by talks with industry experts and updates on current affairs and issues
  • Delivered online through a unique e-learning platform (with a virtual classroom, videos and interactive sessions, and continuous online assessment)
  • Additional support and learning aids for non-legal candidates
  • Opportunity to receive an Ll.M. from Q.U.T., Australia in just 6 months!

This unique programme is designed keeping in mind the following objectives:

  • Flexibility through online learning to ensure the learning fits in with your busy schedule
  • Ease of understanding - teaching a comprehensive syllabus through a contemporary explanation and application of all areas of intellectual property laws
  • Provide practical knowledge of intellectual property laws and processes in India
  • Beneficial for legal and non-legal professionals, technical professionals from backgrounds such as information technology, pharma, and engineering

The 'How' and 'Why' of Online Learning

We recognise the fact that busy professionals and students with existing academic commitments require flexible, effective learning – when they want it, where they want it. Online learning fulfils these needs, and with the cumulative experience and expertise of over a decade that our Education Team brings to online learning, you can rest assured that the M.I.P.L. programme on our path-breaking online learning system, eMentor, is the right answer for your learning needs!

eMentor allows you to access training materials and resources anywhere, and at any time; you can receive feedback and support from faculty, and maintain a continuous dialogue with other candidates in the M.I.P.L. programme, so that you gain a wider perspective, including viewpoints from different industries. And all this from the comfort of your home!

M.I.P.L. on eMentor ensures you will never miss a real classroom experience. It includes features such as continuous faculty support, peer interaction, ease of access, and more!

Take a look at some of our sample study materials. Reading materials on 'Introduction to Intellectual Property' - click here.

Watch one of our interactive recorded videos to get a feel of how the interactive teaching in the programme works.-click here.

Click here to understand the online learning experience, through this short video tour of our online learning platform, eMentor.

Do call us at the Rainmaker offices for more information, on 011-32928063.

Click here to download the e-brochure for M.I.P.L.

Students' Feedback

  • 'Very informative and knowledgeable programme'
  • 'The training structure is good. I particularly appreciate the examples that followed after every description of new concepts with regard to the basics of law in our country because I am a layman in this field and so it really helped me to understand each concept very comfortably. Thanks to the entire team's efforts.'

What's more, lawyers undertaking the programme can also study in Australia and gain an Ll.M. in 6 months by enrolling in the M.I.P.L. programme. To know more, click here.

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