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Why intellectual property

Intellectual Property Laws occupy a unique position of enabling and protecting innovation. An understanding of these laws is equally crucial to a scientist protecting their formula for the latest medicinal drug, a songwriter to protect their composition, or an entrepreneur ensuring their goodwill and business name are protected!

It is this ownership and protection that lies at the heart of all commercial exploitation, whether the exploitation is done by an individual, a corporation, or even a government. This is why understanding Intellectual Property Laws becomes important for any professional, whether engaged in a technical area or not.

In a world that is rapidly moving into a global knowledge economy, can you afford to ignore Intellectual Property Laws?

The Master's in Intellectual Property Law is designed to equip you with the necessary knowledge of these laws in India, irrespective of your educational and professional background.


Intellectual Property

  • Drives economic growth and competitiveness
  • Helps generate breakthrough solutions to global challenges
  • Encourages innovation and reward entrepreneurs
  • Creates and supports high-paying jobs

We all own intellectual property. It is the output of our thoughts. It is an intangible property and hence, very difficult to protect physically. The system of Intellectual Property Laws seeks to ensure this protection so that an inventor or a creator is able to reap the fruits of their labour.

Over the years, India has gained prominence in knowledge-driven sectors like information technology, medical sciences, pharmaceuticals, and media-related industries, which by their very nature seek intellectual property protection. This has, consequently, increased the need for professionals with the knowledge of intellectual property laws, especially in non-legal areas.

With the growth of the Indian economy and the integration into a global market, professionals without an understanding of intellectual property rights will find themselves at a disadvantage with respect to relevance, competition, and importantly, career progression.

And M.I.P.L. is the key! This programme is designed to create understanding and expertise in Intellectual Property Laws, irrespective of whether one is from engineering, law, applied sciences, media and communications, or niche areas such as pharmaceuticals or biotechnology.

If you are from a non-law background, you will obtain a "good" knowledge of Intellectual Property Laws and if you are a lawyer, then you will create an "expertise" through this programme!

Developed by the Indira Gandhi National Open University-School of Law, this world-class two-year Masters' programme is delivered and managed by the eGyankosh (IGNOU) and  Rainmaker through its proprietary online learning platform.

The programme began in 2008 and has already enrolled three batches successfully. The current students of the M.I.P.L. programme come from a variety of backgrounds, including information technology, biomedical sciences, pharmaceuticals, law, consulting, and others. These students represent over 90 cities and more than 100 top companies in India including Infosys, Ranbaxy, and Wipro.