About the Programme

Open and Distance Learning (ODL) has undergone many phases during the last few decades. Due to the significant development in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), there is a tremendous growth in ODL worldwide. Training and continuing professional development of ODL functionaries are important for success of this system. All full time and part time functionaries including the academic counsellors have very significant roles to perform for the development of this system.

Generally, the open universities and distance learning institutes seek services of conventional teachers from universities, colleges, schools, and also personnel attached to the industries, health sectors, agriculture, defence, non-government organisations, and so on, for purposes of academic counselling. Obviously, they need orientation to the concept and theory and special training for practice of ODL.

Academic Counsellor’s Training - Online (ACT-Online)

Academic Counsellor’s Training - Online (ACT-Online) programme is designed specifically for those who are engaged in or wish to be engaged in the tasks of providing tutoring/counseling and other technology-medicated support to the distance learners. The ACT-Online is grounded in both the theory and practice of ODL.

Some of the important contents covered in this programme are: ODL concept, models, development, student support, tutoring and counselling, importance of assignment, evaluation of assignment, development of learning skills, support to the educationally disadvantaged students, use of new technologies for student support etc.


The major aim of the programme is to develop knowledge, attitude and skills of Academic Counsellors in theory, Concept and Practice of open and distance learning, and with specific reference to tutoring and counselling.


After going through this workshop, the participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the concept of ODL
  • Discuss development of Distance Education (DE) in national and international level
  • Explain the nature, characteristics and importance of Self Learning Materials in DE
  • Discuss importance of learner support in distance education
  • Differentiate between counselling and tutoring
  • Organize student support using various modes (face-to-face, on the phone, using audio-visual media, computer etc.)
  • Conduct academic counselling sessions in learning centres
  • Write tutor comments on the assignments responses
  • Help the student develop effective learning skills
  • Organize support for disadvantaged and physically challenged students
  • Use modern computer operating systems for student support
  • Use power point for student support
  • Interact through internet and e-mail
  • Locate educational resources on the Web

Broad content Area of programme

Part A

Use of computer (word processing and presentation) for student support services.

Part B

System based information covering concept of Open Distance Learning (ODL), tutoring, counseling, assessment in ODL.

  • Lesson 1 –Open and distance learning (ODL): Concepts, Types, Models and Issues
  • Lesson 2- Development of Open and Distance Learning (ODL) National and International session
  • Lesson 3- Instructional Design in Distance Education
  • Lesson 4- Needs and Characteristics of self learning Print materials
  • Lesson 5- Learner support in distance education
  • Lesson 6- Counselling in distance education
  • Lesson 7- Tutoring activities at study centres
  • Lesson 8- Designing a tutoring session
  • Lesson 9- Assessment in Distance education
  • Lesson 10- Learning skills Development & student support
  • Lesson 11- Delivering student support at a distance
  • Lesson 12- Use of new technologies in support services
  • Lesson 13- Support services for educationally disadvantaged and physically challenged students
Part C
Activities to be performed by each learner/counsellor
  • Lesson plan for 5 session
  • Essay- My role and experience as counselor
  • Grading/Marking and commenting on 5 assignments
  • Student feedback- at least 10-15 students


The ACT-Online programme requires 90 hours or three credits workload. 45-90 days (Min-Max)


No Fee for Academic Counsellors of IGNOU.
Rs. 1000/ - for Any other faculty/interested members from (DDEs/DTIs/SOUs) for payment please visit website.
Mode of payment: Payment can be made through credit card/debit card/Demand draft (Please prepare DD in favour of “IGNOU” payable at “New Delhi”)