Monthly Schedule

  • DateSchoolTopic
  • 03-10-2016SOEDSUrban Development Policies and Programmes
  • 05-10-2016SOJNMSRole of Radio in Education
  • 07-10-2016SOTHSMJob Opportunities in Tourism & Hospitality Industry
  • 10-10-2016SOEDSHow to Evaluate Urban Development Projects and Programmes
  • 12-10-2016SOJNMSChallenges of Reporting
  • 14-10-2016SOTHSMUnderstanding Tourism
  • 17-10-2016SOEDSProject Appraisal Techniques
  • 19-10-2016SOJNMSChallenges and Prospects of Communication Research in India
  • 21-10-2016SOTHSMUnderstanding Tourism Impacts
  • 24-10-2016SOEDSUrban Governance
  • 26-10-2016SOJNMSNew Communication Technologies
  • 28-10-2016SOTHSMNew forms of Tourism

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