Post Graduate Diploma in Participatory Management of Displacement, Resettlement and Rehabilitation (PGDMRR) 



The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) was established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 to broad-base the reach of education and provide cost-effective and quality learning facilities to large sections of our population, including those living in remote and far-flung areas. Today, it serves the educational aspirations of about 1.85 million students in India and about 32 other countries. IGNOU imparts the study programmes through 21 Schools of Study, with a network of 62 regional centres, more than 2050 study centres/ tele-learning centres and around 51 overseas centres. The University offers need based academic programmes, including professional, vocational and general awareness programmes to the seekers. Most of these programmes have been created to fulfil the learners need for:

  • acquisition of academic and professional qualifications;
  • continuing education and professional development at the work-place; and
  • skill-enhancement

The methodology of instruction in the University is learner-centric. The teaching-learning process is through self-instructional learning materials, based on the credit system. The self-study is aided by the support facilities provided at study centers throughout the country. The Virtual Class provides an e-learning platform to deliver online programmes of the University. The online platform is a complete virtual learning environment suite covering all activities from registration to certification.

IGNOU offers 167 Certificate, Diploma, Degree and Doctoral programmes comprising around 1,600 courses. These are supported by faculty members and academic staff at the headquarters and Regional Centres. The academic counsellors drawn from conventional institutions of higher learning, and professionals from various organizations also give the necessary back-up. As of now, IGNOU has about 700 centres equipped with one–way video and two–way audio facility and more than 134 EduSat television based centers with interactive facility. The application of state-of-the-art ICTs has further helped in reaching out to the hitherto un-reached sections of the society. Access, quality and equity are IGNOU’s guiding principles.

IGNOU is also actively involved in research, training, extension and capacity building activities. It also co-ordinates and monitors distance education system throughout the country in its capacity as an Apex Body christened as the “Distance Education Council”. It uses innovative technologies and methodologies and fosters convergence of existing systems for massive human resource required for promoting integrated national development and global understanding. To know more about the University please visit the website at 


The World Bank Project of Resettlement and Rehabilitation (R&R) is presently coordinated by Dr. Madhu Bala and Prof. D.K. Singharoy. The course material of the PG Diploma Programme of Study in Participatory Management of Displacement, Resettlement and Rehabilitation (PGDMRR) has emanated from the R&R Project. Earlier a certificate level programme on R&R emanated from the same project coordinated by Prof. Shobhita Jain, Dr. Gopinath Pradhan and Dr. Madhu Bala in 2001. The same has been upgraded to PG diploma level. The project coordinators acknowledge the support and assistance of Mr. Mohammad Hasan and his colleagues at the World Bank, New Delhi, in preparation of the course material and launching of the PG Diploma programme. .

The programme aims to build the skills of development practitioners associated with resettlement and rehabilitation of diplaced forums. It also addressed the concerns and issues of displacement and satisfactory resettlement and rehabilitation (R&R) of those displaced by development projects, in particular. The programme is of use to those who are engaged, generally, in the development sector and particularly in R&R divisions of development projects of the government, private sector and those working with NGOs, industrial establishments and other agencies. This is a one-year diploma worth 32 credits offered in English.


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